Frequently Asked Questions

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Parts Information

Q. What comes with a used engine?

A. Our used engines are supplied completed from the oil pan up to the valve covers, with timing cover(s) belts, timing chains, crank pully, tensioners, exhaust and intake manifolds.

Exceptions are noted in our description field.

Starter, alternator, throttle body, turbo/super chargers, a/c compressors, power steering pump, and other external accessories are NOT included unless specifically stated.

Please note that any and all accessories left on the engine are not warranted or guaranteed to fit.

Q. What comes with other part assemblies?

A. Many parts are sold as assemblies that typically include specific pieces. Please see our Parts Descriptions page for more details.

Warranty Information

Q. What is the used engine warranty?

A. The warranty covers the engine block, cylinder head, and all internal parts only! The length of your warranty and coverage you choose will be clearly stated on the front of your invoice. “Parts only” warranties cover replacement of the part only and NO labor will be covered. If labor coverage is purchased, it will cover up to $50/hour flat rate R&R from the Mitchell Labor Guide.

Any and all labor claims must be approved by a manager at Best Salvage prior to the work being performed. Any claims submitted that were not approved will not be paid. Towing, rental, inconvenience, or other claims are not covered under any warranty. It is expected that the installer will use new front and rear crank seals, timing belt (if applicable), inspect oil pan and valve cover gaskets, water pump and replace as necessary.

We do not cover oil leaks. It is the customer's responsibility to change over any accessory parts from the original engine to the replacement engine. There is no warranty expressed or implied on any accessory parts. These accessories include but are not limited to the following; fuel injectors, sensors, wiring, injector rails, spark plugs, spark wires, water pump, throttle body, manifolds, coils, electronics, tensioners, pullies, brackets, and other bold on items to the long block.

Standard industry practices for installation generally include a new oil filter, thermostat, inspection of the cooling and exhaust systems, wires, distributor cap, all hoses and belts. We strongly recommend that these items are replaced at the time of installation. Our engine warranty is voided if the engine is overheated (evidenced by the melting of a temperature sensitive heat tab we attach to the cylinder head and/or block) or subjected to oil starvation (also easily identified).

Please note, that removal of the heat tabs also voids any warranty immediately.

Delivery and Shipping

Q. How are parts shipped?

A. Most smaller parts are shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx. Parts too large or heavy for UPS or FedEx, will be shipped by a commercial freight truck.

Q. Delivering to a business address

A. The prices quoted for delivery or large items are based on a delivery to a business address with the ability to unload a semi truck with the proper equipment (e.g. forklift).

Q. Delivering to a residential address

A. For small packages that can be shipped via UPS or FedEx, there is a small additional residential delivery charge. We currently do NOT ship larger items requiring delivery on a freight truck to residences.

Q. What are the shipping charges?

A. Best Salvage's online database calculates shipping for your order and includes it in your price quote. If the shipping charges seem too high and the deters you from ordering a parts, please call a sales associate at 1-800-580-4899 to explore other options.

Q. Shipping charges for body panels and bumpers

A. Body panels and bumpers are prices without accounting for delivery costs. Due to the size and packaging requirements, costs to ship these parts can vary. Please contact us via email or call 1-800-580-4899 prior to making a purchase and one of our parts specialists will be happy to give you a delivery total.

Return Policy

Q. What is the return & refund policy?

A. Best Salvage offers a no-hassle return policy on most parts for up to 30 days. Any special order parts such as cuts and clips are not returnable. Also, parts that are damaged or tampered with by the customer are also not returnable. For defective parts, please see your warranty that is clearly stated on the front of your invoice for your warranty period.

Q. Who pays the freight costs on parts that are returned

A. If we send you the wrong part or a defective part(s), Best Salvage will pay the freight costs. If the customer orders the wrong part or does not want the parts after the order, the customer will pay both the freight to and from. All defective parts will be verified before a credit will be issued.

General Questions

Q. What is the VIN?

A. The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, contains a code that identifies where and when your vehicle was built, what engine and body style it has, along with other important information that may be necessary to ensure that you get the correct part(s). This is especially true with regards towards engines, transmissions, ECU computers, and many other vital components.

The VIN can be found on the vehicle's title, and on a riveted tag on the dash (near the defroster vent in front of the driver). To locate the date of manufacture, see the tag on the driver's door jam.

In some cases we will need the VIN to verify some of the vehicle's information. Sometimes it will be necessary to call the dealership with the VIN of your vehicle to find out the correct part that your vehicle requires. Dealerships are sometimes the only sources for this detail informaton of your specific VIN.

Q. Which side is the left side and the right side?

A. The left is the driver's side. Whereas, the right is the passenger side.